Sunday, September 6, 2009


So the night I posted about Samuel screaming....he continued to scream until 4:30 that morning. It was awful. He slept until their next feeding which was at 6:00 a.m. I couldn't sleep though in that time even though I was exhausted because I was so worked up about the whole thing. The night after that they had the best night since they were born. Things have continually gotten better right after the worst night ever. They are sleeping longer at night and when I feed them in the middle of the night they go right back to sleep for a while! It's great and such a relief. I'm starting to feel more human now and not just like I'm barely surviving. It's so nice not to have one of our kids be up 24 hours a day now! I hope this continues.

In other news.... Audrey had her very first day of pre-school!'s actually a mom's morning out thing and it's from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00. She will be going three days a week. I decided it would be best for her to make friends her own age and learn how to share and also have fun being outside .... things I can't do at home while I'm stuck on the couch feeding babies. I don't want her just watching TV at home while I'm feeding the babies. I dropped her off for her first day this past Tuesday. I couldn't just leave Anderson and Samuel in the car, so I put them in their double stroller while I carried Audrey in. I put her down so I could open the door and she started crying. One of the nursery workers saw her crying and picked her up. She stood there holding Audrey like she was going to wait on me to sign her in and I signed her up, checked her in, etc. and by the time I turned around, she was gone! The lady had already taken her into the room and I didn't get to say "goodbye" or "mommy loves you" or anything! I think it broke my heart more than it broke hers. I looked in the classroom to see how she was doing and she was sitting calmly in one of the ladies' laps. I didn't want to upset her by going in and saying goodbye so I just snuck her diaper bag in and left. I hated that her very first day of something like that I didn't get to say anything to her....I hope she doesn't think I just dumped her off. When I came back to get her, she did seem as if she enjoyed herself. They had a packet for me to pick up too telling me what she did that day. They read books about friends and learned about friends. They went outside for a while and she really enjoyed the swing. They also colored pictures about friends. It was so cute! She only went that one day last week because she got sick that evening.

Audrey started throwing up around 5:30 that evening. It was so bad. When she would throw up, it would be like 3-4 vomits in one session and then she'd throw up 30-45 minutes later with another 3-4 vomits. She had about 8 separate times that she threw up like that. You could tell that she was so weak and whenever she'd start to throw up again she wouldn't even make a fuss like was just like she knew....this is what I do...I just have to throw up. It was so sad and pathetic. I ended up having to take her to the emergency room around 8:30 because she was so dehydrated and just kept throwing up. She threw up twice more while she was there. They gave her a shot of zofran to stop the vomiting and then she was able to keep her liquids down. I was so glad that I took her. We got to come back home about 11:30 that evening....not too bad.

Two days later I got sick! Around 3:30 on Thursday I started throwing up and threw up frequently too. I got some medicine to stop the vomiting...but it didn't help. Granseur came home early to help me out with the kids. It was a good thing too because Anderson and Samuel needed to eat at 4:30 and that was exactly when I started throwing up again. However....Granseur got sick that evening around 12:45!! He threw up about once an hour until 7:00 that morning. So we had two sick parents trying to take care of our babies without getting them sick and while trying not to pass out or vomit on them! Yesterday we still felt kind of weird but were starting to feel better. Today we feel totally back to normal so we're able to enjoy some of the weekend. The babies have not gotten sick yet, either! YAY! It took us a couple of days to show symptoms though from when Audrey got sick, so I'm just praying they stay healthy.

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