Saturday, June 20, 2009

37 and 38 week belly pics

These are some of the last pictures! I can't believe the boys will definately be here on Tuesday.

Twins - 37 weeks, 2 days Audrey - 37 weeks

Twins - 38 weeks ..... I don't have any more pregnancy pictures while I was pregnant with Audrey. Apparently I was huge, tired, and sick of doing them at that point with her. I definately wanted to get this milestone on camera with the twins though since I made it this far! The average time twins come is 35 weeks and I'm 3 weeks past that! YAY!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Plan

This won't be long because with each passing day I'm more and more uncomfortable and taking care of a 15 month old while this pregnant just absolutely exhausts me. All I want to do is NOTHING.

So... I am being induced on Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. if I have not gone into labor on my own before then.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

36 week belly pic and other stuff

My 36 week twin belly. I don't have a picture of this week while I was pregnant with Audrey.

So on Saturday I will be 37 weeks pregnant! I can't believe I made it this far especially after our scares at around 33-34 weeks. I will be considered full term then even for a singleton. I go to my OB tomorrow so I'm anxious to see what the plan will be for these babies' arrival since they won't let me go past 38 weeks. I can't believe that in just a few days, they'll definately be here!

On another note, I have been having non-stress tests done twice every week now on top of my regular OB appointments. I had one today and everything still looks great! I go again on Monday.

Audrey also had a cardiologist appointment today. Her heart sounds normal so they think the hole has closed on its own. Her next appointment will be in a year when they will do an echocardiogram to make for absolute sure that it has closed. She's doing well! :)

Oh and for some reason strangers (lots of them) think its okay to look at my belly, gasp, and say "Oh my gosh! Are you having twins?!" Seriously?! People think this is an okay thing to say. I mean....I am having twins but that is an awfully brave question to ask a pregnant lady. Its like saying that I'm just so ENORMOUS and gargantuan. It did make me more angry though when people would ask me if I was having twins when I was only pregnant with one. Yes, I get huge....I know.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Because she's so dang cute!

She's just standing there and she manages to be so cute!

"Helping" us get out the boys' clean clothes. I knew something was up because she was playing in her room very quietly. We went to check on her and there she was pulling out all her brothers' nice clean clothes. She must have figured we needed help packing.

Taking a ride in the stroller around her new house!

He's such a good daddy.

Audrey likes being a mommy. She likes to carry around purses and she'll also load her baby in the little play stroller she has and push her around. It's so adorable!

She found my goggles one day so we decided to put them on her. She LOVED it. She didn't want to take them off!

She likes balloons just a little bit. That's her favorite part of grocery shopping.... they give her a balloon at check out.

Does it get any better?

I saw an advertisement in the paper for a local first annual strawberry festival and thought it'd be fun to go. This was the main sign for the event. It's so pitiful looking. :(

And here's the place where you can get strawberries..... there aren't any! I think they had some cucumbers left. It was so funny though because there's supposed to be this STRAWBERRY festival.... and this is the only stand and there's no strawberries left. It wasn't even close to being over yet either. Oh, and this stand was also at the very end of town with no other signs pointing to this supposed main attraction.

They did have free strawberry ice cream for the kids though and Audrey loved it. Other than that.... there were some antique and craft shops open but that was it. That was the festival. It was funny though and Granseur and I had a good time laughing about it and just spending the day together. Apparently is was exhausting to Audrey though!