Saturday, September 27, 2008

Audrey's first pair of jeans!

Today was so nice and relaxing. We just hung out and drove around and bought Audrey some warmer clothes. She only had two warm outfits and sometimes that doesn't even get us through the day between spit-ups and poops. So, she got her first pair of jeans today! They are so cute! She wears 12 month clothes now, too. I can't believe it....she's getting so big already. Really...she's just tall. She can also kinda sorta hold her own bottle now. She can grab it and put it to her mouth but she doesn't tilt it up high enough or really suck out of it when she does it yet. It was exciting to see her try today though.

I'm also excited about going to see a Panthers game tomorrow! Go Brad Hoover!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My body works?!!!

Okay for those of you who don't like reading REALLY personal information about're going to want to stop reading right now. Seriously.

Okay, here goes..... I got my period on my own today!!! I didn't have to take a pill to get it started or glucophage or anything! (well...synthroid, but that's no biggie.) I told Granseur about it and wanted to make sure we're still on the same wavelength as far as having more kids goes. And yep.... we'll take them whenever we can get them. It'd be great if we didn't have to have help to get pregnant and its way more cost effective! :) We'll see. Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm sharing such personal information....after trying to get pregnant for 18 months (with medical help the whole time) with Audrey, I really wish I would have journaled my path in having her here with us... all the heartache, doctor appointments, etc. because in the end this GREAT thing came out of it and it would be so wonderful to have and look back on now and it would have been a neat thing for Audrey to see when she was older on just how much we wanted her. I was so embarrassed and depressed about the whole thing before...I didn't feel womanly at all since my body didn't do what's its designed to do, and I felt like a horrible wife since I wasn't able to give Granseur children and start our family. It was MY fault we didn't have a family. (He was always super supportive and didn't share my thoughts at all, but its how I felt.) So, I'm just starting now for the next child hopefully.

On another note....I can't stop thinking about FOOD! I have a procedure scheduled for tomorrow and I'm not really allowed to eat anything besides chicken broth, jello, and Gatorade. There were these great home made blueberry muffins at my bible study group this morning and I couldn't have any. :( Then all the ladies were going to stay a little later and order pizza for lunch! I was so jealous. I plan on having a huge meal tomorrow for lunch when I finally get to eat real food again!

Audrey had to get her 6 month shots a couple of days ago. I hate watching her get them, I always feel so bad for her. The food guide pyramid for kids on the wall helped her calm down again though. She loves all the colors and pictures. When she had her seizure, throwing up, urinary tract infection, fever episode....that picture made her feel better then, too.....well....that and her daddy. :)

I just have to brag on Granseur for a minute. He is so good with Audrey. When we found out Audrey had a hole in her heart and had to take her to the cardiologist, Granseur was the only one who was able to keep her calm during the whole examination. I was a major wreck ( only had 45 minutes of sleep in 48 hours and crying on top of that) and of no help at all. He could also sing her to sleep sometimes. Last night I went out to run errands and workout and when I got home he was dancing with her in the kitchen to some oldies music. She loved it! She's been teething lately and really uncomfortable but that made her forget all about it for a little while. Yes, he's wonderful....and he's mine. :)

Yes, I know this is all random but its what came to mind while I was typing. I haven't written an entry in a while because our computer crashed..... obviously its up and running now. Yay.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Please pray for Lindsey

Granseur and I flew to see my niece Lindsey today. She has Tay-Sachs disease and she's not doing well at all right now. She's not sleeping much and has multiple seizures every day. She also has some type of infection and needs to be suctioned out about every 5 minutes or so. This is hard on the entire family but especially her mom and dad. Please pray for them as well.

Here's a link for more info on Tay-Sachs.

Friday, September 5, 2008

It doesn't really end

I quit breastfeeding recently, and now the question of how we're going to deal with my PCOS and hypothyroidism has come up (both cause infertility on their own...I'm just lucky enough to have both!). Infertility doesn't really end. We had trouble the first time around and my conditions are not just going to disappear. In fact, I found out that my hypothyroidism has gotten worse. The plan for now is to see if I get AF on my own in the next three months or so and if not then go ahead and start prometrium and glucophage XR to help manage my PCOS. I have been on synthroid since I found out about the hypothyroidism and I will just stay on that but at a higher dosage than before. We would still like to add to our family, we just don't know when its going to happen. We're not really "trying" right now, but since my diagnosis we decided not to avoid altogether so that if we do get pregnant, it will be a great surprise! We would love to not have to use meds. If I can't get pregnant again, we still feel so lucky to have Audrey here with us. IF doesn't have quite the sting now as it did before Audrey was here. I least now I can actually celebrate Mother's Day and not feel so badly.

I still hate that my body doesn't work the way its supposed to but that also made my pregnancy and breastfeeding experience that much better though. God can do anything, and I have Him to thank for everything I have now. For those that don't know...I actually got pregnant the night I got baptised! I thought that was amazing. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Morning Audrey!

This is just for fun.... I took this a few days ago and thought it was so cute that I just had to share.

Good morning!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yes, we are nerds!

So, Granseur and I both had optometrist appointments today. We are both near sighted and we both have an astigmatism. In fact, we can even wear each other's glasses. Pictures will be posted later of our lovely new glasses once we get them. We also have periodontist appointments later on this month because once again....we're so freakishly alike (remember our birthdays are also only a day apart ...well two years and one day, but you get the point) that we both have receding gums that need to be taken care of.