Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day video!

Differences between Anderson and Samuel

Anderson has 10 teeth, Samuel has none.

Samuel is taller and has longer feet, Anderson is shorter and has shorter feet.

Anderson weighs more, Samuel weighs less.

Anderson is calm, Samuel is WILD. (just like they were in the womb)

Anderson had baby acne, Samuel did not.

Anderson had cradle cap, Samuel did not.

Samuel can crawl, Anderson cannot.

Samuel has green/hazel eyes, Anderson has brown eyes.

Samuel has blonde hair, Anderson has brown hair.

Anderson sleeps better than Samuel.

Anderson eats better than Samuel.

Samuel has reflux, Anderson does not.

Samuel has a high pitched cry, Anderson has a low pitched cry. (Samuel squeels and Anderson grunts!)

Anderson loves to be cuddled, Samuel likes to be free and do his own thing!

Anderson has eczema, Samuel does not.

And I'm sure there are many more that I'm just missing at the moment!

They do both love their stuffed animals though. Anderson has a monster, and Samuel has a puppy. Very fitting I think!

It just amazes me how many differences there are between them! I thought they may be more similar since conditions in the womb were the same for them, but it just really shows how different people (even siblings) are even before they are born! Before I had kids I different can babies really be? Sure, there may be a few differences but they all basically just eat, poop, sleep, and play, right? Wow, was I wrong! When I look back on how Audrey was as a baby, she was totally different than Anderson and Samuel, too! I'm so thankful that I have such beautiful and distinctively different children. :)