Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Videos of our time at the beach!

Audrey discovering the beach

Playing on the grass outside our hotel at the beach

First time in the pool!

Playing in the pool with Daddy

More playing in the pool

And still more playing in the pool

Playing at the park - That's what going to the beach is for, right?

Going down the slide


Tasting ice cream

Sting rays and sharks!

Watching fish

More fish

Audrey walking around the hotel - this one is sideways because Daddy accidentally had the camera turned the wrong way. You get the idea though. I didn't post about it earlier but Audrey walks really well now.... I stopped counting steps one day when we got past 40.

Audrey helping us pack up to leave

Just playing and dancing - This was not taken while we were at the beach but its just so darn cute! She really gets into dancing sometimes.

We had a great time at the beach... can ya tell?! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My wonderful husband!

This past weekend Granseur told me that he wanted to take Audrey to the zoo since it was supposed to be so nice outside. It was mid 70s all weekend. I thought that was a great idea! I was so excited to see how Audrey would react to all the animals. She loves our dog and cat at home so I knew she'd have a blast.

On Saturday morning we got all packed up to leave and headed out. Granseur was driving and I noticed that he made a wrong turn. I asked what he was doing and he said he'd rather go a different way to the zoo. I thought he was crazy because this "new" way would be a heck of a scenic ride and it would take us FOREVER to get to the zoo that way. So I kept asking him what exactly he was doing. He finally told me that I had been kidnapped and that we were not going to the zoo that day but we were going to the beach for the day instead (about a three hour drive from where we live) and that we were taking Audrey to see Ripley's Aquarium while we were there. That was exciting! It was so exciting that I cried because I thought it was so sweet that he had actually planned and surprised me with a bigger trip. I normally probably would have talked him out of it complaining about spending too much on gas, tickets, food, etc. but once I was "kidnapped" and didn't have a choice....I was so excited!!! BECAUSE its normally something I wouldn't do. We got to the beach and had lunch. After we had lunch we were just driving on the street next to the water and I assumed Granseur was looking for public beach parking access. He pulled into a hotel though instead. There was a man in uniform from the hotel nearby so I figured he was going to ask for directions to the closest public parking. Nope!!! When I asked what he was doing, he said that we were staying there for the night! He had planned that in advance too, so I got yet another surprise! And yes, I cried over all of this because I just thought it was so sweet! He got a GREAT deal on a really nice room since its considered off season, but the weather that weekend was just gorgeous! It was ocean front and everything.

We spent the rest of the day at Ripley's aquarium, walking around, and got seafood for dinner of course. The next day while I was getting ready, Granseur went on a run with Audrey in the jogging stroller down the beach. Then we got breakfast and headed out to the beach and hung out for quite a while. Audrey discovered the sand, watched birds fly all around, watched the waves in the ocean, etc. She also got in a pool for the very first time. It was the hotel's indoor heated pool and it was so nice and warm. We also had another great dinner and then headed home. It was a perfect two days.... better than I could even try to describe. I thanked God for the beautiful days and my wonderful thoughtful husband. I am so lucky to have a husband like Granseur. I always tell him that its good I have him around because he makes me have fun. I'm usually more of a serious person and for him to plan this all out, pack up all my stuff for me, keep it a secret, etc. was just so wonderful!

He thought of EVERYTHING! He packed all my toiletries, sandals, clothes, medicine....absolutely everything I would need or want and did not forget a thing.... AND kept it a secret. Amazing! He packed my flip flops in the car that morning while I was showering and getting ready and I decided I might want them at the zoo but couldn't find them. He said that he would look for them for me. It turns out that we went out to the car, unpacked them, and brought them back in to me just so that I could carry them back out to the car all in order to just keep his secret. He even packed a bathing suit for me just in case. (There's a pic of it in my 23 week belly shot) We both didn't think it would fit but it did and I got to enjoy the pool with my family.

Anyway, I could go on and on but you get the point. It was so wonderful. I will post pics of our trip a little later on.

22 and 23 week belly pics

22 weeks - Twins

Audrey - 22 weeks, 2 days (this is a repeat from the last belly pic post)

Twins - 23 weeks, 1 day (Yes, I dyed my hair back dark)

Audrey - 24 weeks, 1 day ( Apparently I didn't take a 23 week belly pic with Audrey so this will have to do for comparison's sake.)


It snowed two weekends ago and Audrey loved to watch it coming down. She had seen snow before but it had fallen while she was sleeping one night. She actually got to see this most recent snow while it was falling. Here's some video....

Audrey watching the snow fall